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iPhone Xs/SE Protector:
The glass of the iPhone screen is very sturdy, and iron-like knives and sharp tools can't scratch the screen.
Some mobile phone screens will have small scratches after being used for a period of time. This is because your screen may be stained with fine dirt, sand, and dust. These may have some small particles that are harder than glass, so the screen is It is not surprising that there will be scratches.
In addition to the scratch problem, there is also the problem of oil stains. As the use time increases, the anti-oil coating on the iPhone screen will gradually fade.
Therefore, the bare metal of the screen is cleaned from time to time, and after a long time, it is easy to have scratches of different shades. Using iPhone Xs/SE Protector can not only delay the premature consumption of the original screen coating and prevent the original screen from being scratched by fine particles, but also "shock absorption" to a certain extent to protect the screen from breaking.

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