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iPhone 11 Xs/X Protector: The glass of the iPhone 11 Xs/X series is the strongest in the past. Some actual measurements also pointed out that its anti-fall ability can basically cope with the fall within a height similar to that of an average adult, and it can avoid mobile phones. The glass is broken, but there are still a large number of iPhone 11 users complaining that the screen is too easy to scratch.

But in fact, the scratched part is not the screen glass, but the coating on the screen surface. It is possible that the screen coating process used may change, which will cause the surface to be easily scratched. In fact, only the hard surface with a hardness of 9 Objects can cause damage to the screen glass.

Therefore, the best suggestion is to put on the phone case and attach the iPhone 11 Xs/X Protector when using the phone.

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