11-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air (10.9-iniPad 屏幕保护膜ch)

IPad is mainly used for learning, office, painting, etc. These scenes require capacitive pens to achieve, and the pen tip is relatively hard, which may cause damage to the screen in the long run, and affect the aesthetics. Moreover, because the screen is relatively smooth, the pen tip and the screen Contact friction is relatively small, and it will slip when you write, which will affect the writing experience. At this time, you need an iPad Air/ iPad Pro Screen protector.

iPad Air/ iPad Pro Screen protector is currently the most common type of film, and the price is relatively cheap. The main features of iPad Air/ iPad Pro Screen protector are drop-proof, scratch-resistant and durable. After being pasted, as long as it is not particularly rough and dropped, it will basically not damage the screen. It is currently the most mainstream film, whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet. Suitable for computers, etc.

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