Blue Light Filter Treatment Protects Your Screen Protector*for 11-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air (10.9-inch)
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Glass material :0.33 high alumina silicon glass

AB adhesive material: 0.12AB Japanese anti-blue light base material optical adhesive

Oil-phobic and hydrophobic nano-coating on surface: PPG, USA

Total thickness: 0.45


Blue light may affect your: 

  • Eyes by penetrating to the retina and damaging cells 
  • Sleep by suppressing the production of melatonin 
  • Skin by accelerating fine lines and pigmentation
Don't worry, we've got you covered. 


Product Description


12.9-inch iPad Pro (GEN 3,4&5) anti-blue light toughened protective film raw material using high aluminum silicon 0.33 thickness glass 0.12 thickness AB adhesive bonding 2.5D large radian effect advanced sense double falling ball height test 64G steel ball 60cm test 3 times not broken surface electroplating hydrophobic Initial drip glue 115 degrees 3000 times after friction test drip glue 105 degrees one-time exhaust can be repeated.


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What's the harm of blue light?


  1. High strength


The backlight of the iPad screen uses white led to emit light. The working principle is that the diode chip emits blue light. The blue light source excites yellow light through the yellow phosphor coating. The yellow light is mixed with the original blue light to form white light seen by the naked eye. Blue light is the active light source after the chip is powered on, and its energy will naturally be stronger than the yellow light excited by it. From the spectrum displayed on the iPad screen, we can see that the blue light peak is the highest and the energy is the strongest, 60% stronger than other lights.


  1. Flashing


At school, when the light tube in the classroom is about to break down, the voltage changes, resulting in the light on and dark. This is our common light flashing in the past. We have never seen this flicker on the iPad screen. However, the iPad screen also has a stroboscopic problem. The light and shade of the screen changes too fast, beyond the scope of human eye recognition, so that we can't see it. As long as you turn on the camera with your mobile phone and face the electronic screen, you will still see light and dark ripples on the screen, which means that the iPad screen will still flash.


  1. Long contact time


If your eyes are exposed to blue light for a long time, the energy of blue light will accumulate with the increase of using iPad. Damage degree of white light to retina = blue light intensity × Retinal residence time. So for a long time, it means that the damage of blue light to the retina increases.


High intensity blue light, coupled with flicker interference, can see obvious pseudomyopia in animals with high primate affinity. Short term pseudomyopia will develop into true myopia under continuous flashing high-intensity blue light. Therefore, preventing blue light can prevent myopia.


Blue light toughened protector really has eye protection effect?


Blue ray toughened film, as the name suggests, is specially used to block the blue light generated by the iPad screen. If it can really prevent blue light, it will have eye protection effect. However, the blue light toughened film on the market adopts different anti blue light technologies and has different anti blue light effects. Some anti blue light effects are very poor and there is no eye protection effect at all.


There is a blue light toughened film, which adopts the reflection and anti blue light technology. A layer of film reflecting blue light is plated on the ordinary toughened film to achieve the purpose of anti blue light by reflecting the blue light. The blue light toughened film with this technology will obviously turn blue under the light. The measured results show that the blue light blocking rate of this blue light increasing film is relatively low, and the effect of blocking blue light is not very good.


Another kind of blue light toughened film adopts absorption anti blue light technology. The design concept of this blue light toughened film is based on the complementary colors in physics, "blue + yellow = white, yellow = white - blue". Blue light is mixed with yellow light to form white light. If you want to remove blue light from white light, the toughened film should be yellow. Therefore, the blue light toughened film with good effect will show a light yellow background like anti blue light glasses. The absorption blue light toughened film can effectively block the blue light that wants to enter the eyes from the screen.


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