Anti-Glare, Paperfeel tempred galss screen protector 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad/Air 3
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Glass material :0.25 aluminosilicate glass
AB adhesive material 0.12 Korea optical adhesive
Surface PET: 0.25 Korean PET
Total thickness: 0.62


Product Description
10.5 inch the Pro, 10.5-inch iPad/Air 3 writing toughened protective film raw materials using high aluminum silicon 0.25 thickness glass 0.12 thickness AB glue laminating surface laminating paperlike writing feel PET reduction paper writing effect is the best choice for painting enthusiasts drop ball height test is 64G steel ball 60cm test 3 times not broken Fitting Disposable exhaust can be repeatedly laminated.

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What is toughened glass
Toughened glass (Temperedglass/Reinforcedglass) belongs to the safety glass. Glass has considerable wear resistance and is very hard, with a Vickers hardness of 622 to 701. TOUGHENED glass is a kind of prestressed glass, in order to improve the strength of glass, usually use chemical or physical methods, forming compressive stress on the surface of glass, glass bear external force first offset surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity of glass, enhance its resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, impact sex. The toughened glass protective film is a higher level of security protection for the mobile phone screen.
The toughened glass protective film is designed to prevent the mobile phone from falling and breaking the screen and prevent the screen from scratching. The reason why we choose toughened screen is: high hardness, low toughness, mobile phone fell, can be very good anti-broken screen. When the phone falls to the ground, it takes a lot of impact and breaks when the strain is too large. The toughness of the tempered film is low. When the tension of the phone comes out, the film will bear the tension, which greatly reduces the tension of the main screen.

How to identify the toughened glass protective film is good or bad:
1. The residual air bubble phenomenon on the surface of the mobile phone is not good;
2. toughened glass around the edges and corners can not stick, bubble phenomenon;
3. Toughened glass does not stick to mobile phone and is easy to fall off;
4. Toughened glass is too thick, affecting the light transmittance, and thickening the thickness of the phone;
5. The adhesive paste of toughened glass is too thick, which affects the light transmittance of mobile phone display;
6. After the toughened glass is pasted on the mobile phone, the surface of the mobile phone has watermark phenomenon.
7 toughened glass film is also divided into straight edge and arc edge, arc edge relative to the hypotenuse more mellow, not easy to hurt hands
8. The drop Angle is less than 110 degrees.


How to use the screen protector?

1.Cleaing the screen as follows.
(1)blowing off the dust first.
(2)Using the soft brush to brush off the visible dust.
(3)Using the cleaning cloth to Remove the invisible dust, clean the screen from left to right 3 times.
2.Start to stick
(1)Peel of the first protection layer.
(2)sticking the film on the screen slowly.
(3)Using the credit card or hard card push on the screen lightly to ensure bubble free,once you see any bubbles, peel it and stick again.
(4)after stick the screen protector well, peel of the second protection layer.


Company Profile
Dongguan Aifou innovation Photoelectric Technology Co.,ltd was launched in year 2014, invest and set up factory in Jun, 2014. We specialized in tempered glass screen protector, tact switch, metal dome sheet, die cutting, connecting cable, membrane switch and so on. Products widely using in audio visual, communication, digital, video game, medical and household appliances and other field, and sell to Japan, Southeast Asia,Europe and America and other countries, own good credit in the whole industry. After over 10 years developing, now we are a diversified enterprise which integrated R&D, sale and production together. We bring in advance skill and equipments, using modern enterprise management system, focus on training to improve literacy, technology to improve quality, environmental protection as social duty, all production skill and products was ruled by ROHS. We take zero-defect as our ultimate goal, and we was audited by ISO 9001 /ISO 14001/ BSCI / GSV quality and environment management system.We can easily fill your large order. The small MOQ is very friendly to Amazon sellers and cross-border platforms such as AliExpress, and we will also provide labeling services.

Anti-glare Treatments That Protect Your Screen Protector*for 10.2-inch iPad

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Focuses standard export carton or OEM Customized packing.
About Shipping:
1. DHL / UPS / FedEx / TNT , Door-to-Door.
2. Sea Freight or Air Freight options, More Logistics Channel Service;
3. Customer Specified Forwarders or Negotiable Shipping Methods.
We use the best and safe packaging material to make sure your orders won’t be damaged during the delivery.

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1)If you need order specially requested (like packaging, add logo,or different accessory part), or more quantity, Please be noted that the price in our website is merely the reference price and the actual one is subject to our final confirmation!

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1.Are your samples free or need cost?
For inventory products, we will provide free sample, but need freight collect. For custom samples samples, it need sample cost and freight collect. But we will refund the sample cost after the order is made.

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Yes. We have a professional team with full experience in design and manufacturing. We can manufacture or copy the products depend on your requirements.
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Yes.we can put your logo on the products, labels or hangtags.We can also design and customize the packaging you need and attach your brand name for you.

4.About the MOQ?
 For our inventory products, there is MOQ 100 PCS OK. If you are a professional purchaser or engaged in the sale of tempered protective film, we can provide a small quantity and full model service.

5.What Is Your Payment Terms?
Usually We Support T/T.
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6.What Is The Delivery Time?
15-20 Days After The Advance Deposit And Sample Confirmed, To be Negotiated According To The Final Quantity.

7.How Do You Package Goods?
Poly Bag(PE/OPP)For one bag, Then Carton With A Certain Quantity.


Anti-Glare, Paperfeel tempred galss screen protector 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad/Air 3


The material of the iPad screen protector


Take time to know the material of iPad screen protector before the final decision.


In addition to purchasing a tablet, users generally purchase peripheral accessories, such as tablet bags, screen protectors, and so on. For a tablet computer whose screen is often touched, a thin film is particularly important.


LCD protective film was first used to protect mobile phone screens, and then developed into the protection of laptop screens, tablet computers and other LCD screens. It is a protective film that can be used to protect mobile phone screens, LCD screens and other display device objects.


According to the principle of film adsorption, it can be divided into: adhesive film, electrostatic film and so on. LCD protective film is no longer limited to protecting LCD screens. As Taiwan’s OK8 functional protective film enters the market, it has added more fashionable and practical factors, such as matte film, mirror film, privacy film, AR film, and Radiation protection film, etc., these are based on the initial scratch resistance and add special materials through a special process to make it have more functions. The LCD protective film can not only make the LCD screen look new and dazzling, it can not only play the effect of refurbishing the old machine, but also can prevent dust and fingerprints from entering the screen, play a protective role, and a small film integrates a lot of Practical functions are also popular among young people.


Screen protector material

1. PP material: At the begining, this material is actually the material of the plastic bag we usually use, the chemical name is polypropylene, it does not have any adsorption capacity, usually glued, it will be on the screen after tearing off The mark left on the glue will corrode the screen over time. Now this material has been basically eliminated by the majority of protective film manufacturers, but some roadside stalls are still selling, everyone should pay attention.


2. PVC material: It is characterized by its soft texture and easy pasting, but this material is relatively thick and has poor light transmittance, making the screen look hazy. It will also leave glue marks on the screen after tearing it off. This kind of material is also easier to turn yellow and oil out as the temperature changes, and the service life is relatively short. So there is basically no such protective film on the market now.


3. PET material: Currently the most common type of protective paste on the market. The characteristic of PET protective film is that the texture is relatively hard and scratch resistant. And it will not turn yellow and oil like PVC material when used for a long time. But the general PET protective film relies on electrostatic adsorption, which is easier to foam and fall off. , But even if it falls off and wash it in clean water, it can be reused. The price of PET protective film is much more expensive than that of PVC.


4. AR material: The best screen protector currently on the market. The characteristic of this kind of screen protection film is that the screen is non-reflective and has high light transmittance (above 95%), which will not affect the display effect of the screen.


5. PE material: The main raw material is LLDPE, which is relatively soft and has a certain degree of stretchability. The protective film of PE material is divided into electrostatic film, anilox film and so on.


6. OPP material: From the appearance point of view, it is closer to the PET protective film, its hardness is greater, and it has a certain flame retardancy, but its paste application effect is poor, and it is rarely used in the general market.


After knowing them, you can get a proper screen protector for your iPad screen protector. If you need a nice one, please contact us through the following way on the bottome.





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