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Antibacterial tempered film

The antibacterial coating is injected into the tempered glass to inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli survives and kills 99.99% of surface bacteria.

Anti-glare film

The anti-glare screen protector provides excellent protection for your iPhone screen and keeps the screen content clearly visible. It can reduce the glare of sunlight and artificial light, allowing you to watch the screen comfortably even under strong light.

Tempered phone film

Effectively resist sharp
It protects the screen of the love phone by scratching the object, and the hand feels super smooth without scratching on the top edge.

All-round protection, it is enough

1.All-round protection without any gaps.
2.Light and thin sealing one-piece molding bare metal feel.
3.360°protection, front explosion-proof, back drop-proof.

Restore the true color of the screen

Optical PET material, after multiple fine adjustments, truly blooms the original screen color, because it is thin, it is brilliant
Easy to deal with outdoor environment
Anti-reflective coating is added to the surface, even in the outdoor strong light environment, the screen light is even and soft, and you can read books like a kindle, and write and draw like paper.